Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ques? . . . Who Approved This Ish!!!!

Side Bar ~ Now ya'll know B'wood is so not the one to be starting any sh*t.

But, who would have thought in a millions years to put Mary J. Blige and J-Lo together.

First off, Mary J. is 42 years young, and her ass do not need to be trying to run around the stage to keep up with Ms. Fitness Queen herself J-lo.

Secondly, Mary J. is the only one singing while J-Lo is clearly talking her lyrics . . . Not to mention, if the truth be told she's barely doing that.

And, Lastly . . . What in the hell is going on with Mary J. hair . . . That Mary Tyler Moore flip with that cat suit and tragic performance is just not the business.

Let's all say it together . . . #EPIC FAIL!!!!!


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