Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dayummm, Bruh . . . You Got A Dime Piece For Prom!

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"Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada went to the prom with Anthony Nelson, a Bloomfield, Michigan senior who asked her over Twitter."
"One lucky teenager scored the mother of all prom dates."
"Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada took a Michigan teen to his high school prom … even though she's 37 year old."
"The estranged wife of footballer Chad Johnson, happily accepted 19-year-old Nelson's invitation to prom since she couldn't attend her own."
"OMG! Can I say "THE BEST TIME EVER?!?!" she wrote on her blog after the West Bloomfield High School event."

"Unfortunately, I couldn't attend my prom when I was in high school because I was pregnant with my daughter Shaniece, she wrote. But this was such an awesome experience and I was so honored."

"According to TMZ, Lozada attended dinner and prom in a decked-out GMC Denali with her handsome young date. She even honored his request to wear red for the evening."

"I want to thank Anthony and his mom Sean Nelson for opening their home to me! she wrote. Anthony's entire family and friends came by his house to see him off to prom and it was amazing, he even bought me a corsage!!! I've never had a corsage! You guys don't understand how HAPPY I was!!"

Side Bar ~ Ms. Evelyn I heart you for this one . . . Mr. Anthony Nelson had a prom for the history books, thanks to you.  Now that's luv!!!


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