Saturday, December 15, 2012

Connecticut School Shooting ~ "I Just Don't Understand"

Hearing the breaking news at work on Friday, literally stopped me in my tracks . . . I can't even possibly imagine what the parents or loved ones are going thru. It saddens me that they have to endure such pain and agony without receiving any answers as to why this occurred. I send my condolences to the victim families. I know our precious lil' children that left us so soon, are now part of God's army of Angels!

Side Bar ~More and more I'm realizing gun control agenda should be on the forefront of our Nations mind. We need to vote on a gun control bill ASAP, because the shooter had (3) heavy duty guns (Bushmaster .223-Caliber Assault Rifle, 9-MM Sig-Sauer, and Glock 9-MM). Like Really??? And they were all registered to the shooter's mother. LIKE WTF was a school teacher doing with all this gun power. DAYUMMM!!!


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