Monday, March 12, 2012

Most Anticipated Interview!

Patricia Houston on Whitney Houston's Death

Oprah sat down with Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina; her sister-in-law, Patricia Houston; and her brother, Gary Houston, in a special episode of Oprah's Next Chapter. Watch as Patricia reveals whether she thought drugs would someday claim Whitney's life and why she was concerned about her lifestyle.

First Look: Patricia Houston on Whitney Houston's Party Altercation

Two nights before Whitney Houston's death, Patricia Houston accompanied her sister-in-law to a pre-Grammy party that made headlines. Watch as Patricia shares her take on that night with Oprah.

Patricia Houston on Whitney Houston's Relationship with Bobby Brown

Does Patricia Houston blame Bobby Brown for introducing Whitney Houston to drugs? Watch as Whitney Houston's sister-in-law and manager reveals her thoughts on Bobby Brown and gives insight into his relationship with Whitney.

Okay, Fam'  . . .

I haven't watched the Oprah interview of Bobbi Kristina Brown as of yet. I just got in from a long day at work, about to pop my Orville Redenbacher popcorn, crack open my Raisinets, quench my thirst with my Dasani H20 and turn on my DVR.

I listened closely as I overheard everyone's opinion at the water cooler. However, since I don't talk to my co-workers I couldn't chime in like I wanted too.

I didn't want to lose my job just case I had to read some folks.
So fam' did Momma Oprah have the interview of the year or Hell to the Nawl.

 And, more importantly do I need to whip out my box of Kleenex . . . with Aloe of course?


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